Vintage 2022, Update 1

Posted March 10, 2022

We're pleased to share that Vintage 2022 at Sister’s Run has begun! 

Our McLaren Vale Sunday Slippers Chardonnay has the honour of opening our vintage each year as the first in the season to reach ideal ripeness for picking. This year is no different! These chardonnay grapes were picked in the cool of the night from the vineyard located adjacent to the Salopian Inn in McLaren Vale. In the cool morning at sunrise, the grapes were delivered to the winery for crushing straight away.

Vintage is sure to pick up from here with harvest across our other varieties fast approaching.

This year, vintage has been delayed by 11 days due to the inconsistency in weather. November was much cooler than usual resulting in a longer flowering period. La Nina has also overall caused an unseasonally cool growing season with less sunny days, more overcast days and a lot of rain.