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2019 St Petri's Eden Valley Riesling

St Petri's Eden Valley Riesling need not be the last; but first glass you have. A true expression of Riesling procured from the Eden Valley in all it's fruitful glory. Lovely chilled sipping on one's own, with friends or almost any dish and a second glass. 

This Eden Valley Riesling is grown by vigneron Michael Mason. Only 1,053 dozen produced.

Tasting Notes

Limpid pale gold with pale green tinges.

Lime, honey dew, honey sickle. Marzipan. A cactus flower at midnight during a full moon.

Juicy. Yet it dries out as the palate lengthens. Riesling fruit juice at the very front palate, and the mid palate is flooded, before the back palate becomes more textural and dry. Lime and lemon pith and peel resound.

The best of both riesling worlds: a nod to the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer; and a heavy bid from the Eden Valley. Rich fruit sweetness counter-balanced by acidity and some texture.

Serve with
Bake one weisswurst sausage in a wood-fired oven and eat with sauerkraut and mild German mustard and a small copper pot of steamed Savoy cabbage. And a bottle of this. We kid you not.

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